Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Living Room - Destruction Phase

During our honeymoon in 2010, part of the drop ceiling fell. We've known since then that the drop ceiling either needed to be replaced or removed. So, that was on our list. What we didn't realize was that the paneling on the walls stopped at the drop ceiling and did not extend to the actual ceiling. So, we needed a plan. Our plan was to paint the paneling, install crown molding, and paint the ceiling.

What we didn't realize was that there were three layers of wallpaper on the ceiling. Three. I spent so many hours on a ladder removing the stupid stuff.

I would use a spray bottle with warm water to soak the wallpaper and then a sharp metal scraper to remove it. It was slow going.

And we also had to remove the drop ceiling frame and cleats. The cleats were held into the ceiling with four-inch nails, those were no joke.

And we realized that the light fixture was attached to the drop ceiling frame, which meant it needed to be removed.

Here's the base layer of wallpaper with all of the cleats removed.

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