Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Dining Room, Part 2

After much patching, we painted. I also pulled out the ugly brown carpet and installed vinyl flooring. If I was ever asked "Chelsea, what kind of flooring do you recommend for a DIY install?" My answer would be: vinyl.

We painted the ceiling until the stains disappeared and it was amazing.

We also painted the walls the same off-white. You can see the contrast really well in this lighting.

No more stain!

Ugly carpet over ugly tile

Washington enjoyed the process of the new vinyl flooring

Isn't it beautiful?

Cutting around this heating vent was so much simpler than any other floor we've installed. A measuring tape, straight edge, and razor blade. It was really so simple and turned out really, really well.

Oh, you know, just more surprises. Don't worry, it's covered now with a beautiful floor.

Some photos of the after, with new curtains and trim painted and installed

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