Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More Destruction Phase

Like I said previously, we had planned on leaving the paneling on the walls. But we needed to clean up the corners around the room to properly install the future crown molding and paint the ceiling. As my dad and I were doing this clean up, we realized there were several layers of wallpaper behind the paneling.

So my dad takes off one small piece of paneling, as you can see above. We attempted to remove the wallpaper from under this paneling. As a test. Only a test. The wallpaper scraped off like a dream. No steamer needed. the plaster underneath was beautiful. Ok, let's remove the rest of the paneling!

Peter was less than enthused. He still blames me and my dad for this monster of a project. But, in the end, the room is now amazing.
Needless to say, nothing ever goes according to plan in this house. The wallpaper was a beast to remove. I spent more time on ladders, lots of time with the steamer, a lot of time covered in wallpaper goop.

We removed so much wallpaper.

So much wallpaper.

I really can't emphasize enough how much wallpaper we took out of this room.

And then, even when the wallpaper was removed, the walls had to be washed. They only had 100 years of grime on them, after all.

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