Monday, November 7, 2016

La piece de la resistance

The living room. It's where we LIVE, right? It's where we spend time when we're not in the kitchen or sleeping or working. It's where the TV is, where the dog waits for us to get home, where family gathers, where spies plant bugs in remote controls. Ok, maybe not that last one. I've been watching too much Burn Notice. First, we attacked the floor.

I think everyone had or has this brown carpet in their homes. We had two rooms with it. As we were pulling it up, both the carpet and the pad were disintegrating. I had to wear a mask, goggles, and gloves. It was so gross.

There were so many tacks, nails, and staples. And as we pulled up the carpet we found that the floor was painted at one point.

God, look at that wallpaper and paneling. We'll get to that later.

Poor Washington didn't know what to do as we were removing his favorite floor covering. He'd move back onto the carpet until there was no more carpet.

We used the same sander as the one from the foyer, our goal was to rough up the floor a bit to let the new floor paint adhere properly.

We chose a nice, dark walnut color. It feels like so long ago, but we did all of the carpet removal in June 2015.

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