Saturday, April 16, 2016

From Blue to Neutral Purple

There are two empty bedrooms in the front of the house. The other one we stripped the wallpaper down to the drywall and had to start from there. This is the bedroom on the left, and was once a very ugly pink (I think). The previous owners painted over the wallpaper, so I painted over that with a dark peacock blue and a light blue over it. The texture hid a lot of the problems with the painted wallpaper

But, the realtor didn't like these colors. So, once again we needed to paint this room. We started with the ceiling. First, we needed to add texture to it because (once again) the previous owners painted wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is on the ceiling. We bought this cool texture stuff from Home Depot, bought some special rollers and added a textured ceiling.

 Here's a photo pre-texture, you can see a lot of dings and nicks

 Here's on post-texture, notice we got some texture stuff on the walls

This is Frank. He helps with projects.

So, then we needed to paint. So, I picked a neutral purple.
 That's my dad helping. Hi dad!

We also needed to paint all of the trim.

Then we reinstalled the blinds, hung a few small shelves, and put the room back together!

Before and After:


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