Monday, June 15, 2015

From Wallpaper to Patched Drywall

We have two guest bedrooms on our second floor. They have always been ugly, and we knew they needed some love. So, in our effort to get our house ready to sell, we decided to tackle the guest bedroom on the right.

When we started, we thought "oh, removing the wallpaper will be easy! It should only take a couple of hours!"

We started with some ugly wallpaper, ugly trim, and seriously ugly drapes.

We removed a lot of wallpaper. A lot of it. The previous homeowners attached it directly to drywall. They didn't prime the drywall. They didn't skimcoat the drywall. Wallpaper was glued directly to the drywall. We took more than "a few hours". In order to remove the wallpaper, you had to throughouly steam a section, and scrape it down with a metal scraper. Every square inch of this room had to be steamed and scraped by hand. My parents helped put in several hours, too.

And then, after we removed yards upon yards of wallpaper, we had to patch and sand everything.

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