Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oh the kitchen

When we moved in the kitchen was one of the least appealing rooms. They say kitchen and baths sell houses, we apparently missed that memo. There was wallpaper, mirrors with gold inlay, a pink counter top, pink trim, peel and stick tiles that were pulling up, and only one window. It was... a wreck.

So, the first thing we did was remove the mirrors. We removed them probably within the first few months. But the rest waited a bit. I think the next thing we did was paint the counter tan.

And then we waited a long time to tackle all of the other ugliness.

Here's where you can see we removed the mirrors, painted the bare walls white, and then put up shelving:

We installed that vertical window, too: 

And then we removed the wallpaper

And stripped the door frames

And we found a surprise.

Here's a peak at the lovely floor after we pulled up two other floors:

And after long last, a small sign of what was to come:

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