Sunday, May 8, 2016

Final Kitchen Post

So I was debating about whether or not to finish the kitchen posts or to keep you all hanging while I moved on. In the end, I figured it was only fair to post some of the final photos of the kitchen.

We painted the ceiling, put up all of the blue trim, filled and painted the window frame, hung the curtains, cleaned up all of the appliances, and repainted the counter before we listed the house a couple of weeks ago.

 The corner of the ceiling before

This is above the door frame to the hallway 

What the ceiling looked like after we painted it 

Once upon a time an anxious puppy chewed on everything, including the window frame

 Doesn't the blue trim look nice?

We've found with the Rustoleum Counter Paint, you have to re-do it every two years

But the re-coat is super simple and looks great once dry!

The obligatory before and after(s):

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