Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Start of the Master Bedroom

When we moved in we chose the back bedroom, with the large built-in cabinets and large close with sliding mirrored doors as the Master Bedroom. Why? I don't know. We just did.

And at first we started with a queen-sized mattress, and eventually upgraded to a king-sized one with a huge four poster bed frame. We let the wallpaper slowly fall off the walls for several years.  

That wreath thing though, that was removed promptly.

And then we started fixing things. Mainly, we started by removing the wallpaper.

The bottom layer of wallpaper had these weird little designs on it. 

Multiple layers of wallpaper is evident here

Best tool, hands down, to remove wallpaper? A steamer. Spend the money. 

And then we started patching.

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