Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weight Watchers Recipe Review #2

I tried another Weight Watchers recipe, this time it was Grilled Ginger Chicken with Peach Salsa. However, I made it in the middle of winter, so I didn't use a grill. I also didn't use fresh ginger. However, it was delicious and received approval in the form of second helpings.

So I started the marinade with ground ginger as opposed to fresh ginger. 

I cut the raw chicken up into bite-sized bites and then marinated it in the ginger, garlic, and oil mix. I don't usually mince garlic, I just chop it most of the time. I used vegetable oil, too, since that's what I have.

 And then I put it into a skillet and started cooking. I'm sure whole chicken breasts would be amazing on the grill, but sometimes grilling just isn't possible.

Here is my salsa. I made some changes from what the recipe calls for. I used a sweet onion instead of a red one, and I didn't use any tomatoes. I don't like tomatoes. I also didn't use any jalapenos since I'm not really big on spicy foods. I used dried cilantro. I used lemon juice instead of lime, just because that is what was in the fridge, and I added some of Wegman's Organic Chicken Broth. I cooked it in a pot because I used frozen peaches, which is why I needed extra fluid as opposed to the recipe, which is a fresh salsa.

I steamed some green beans in the microwave with a touch of butter, and served the salsa next to the chicken.

I could have easily served the salsa on top of the chicken, but wanted to make sure everything was delicious before mixing it all. I'll definitely be making this again. I think it could also be turned into a slow cooker or dutch oven recipe. The only reason I didn't use fresh ginger is because I don't usually have any in the house, but I'm sure it would have been delicious, too. I know changing the recipe changes the points value (for those doing Weight Watchers) and also changes the calorie count, but it was delicious and will be made again!

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