Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trying out Potato Towers

With a new, larger backyard I did some investigating over the winter into what I could do with all of my space. Several weeks ago we had a fence installed for Washington and since then I've been planning all sorts of things with the yard. Today I accomplished one: three potato towers.

The two blogs I pinned were: Homemade Food Junkie and Common Sense Home

I used both to come up with what I built.

I cut a length of rabbit fencing (which was the closest to field fencing I could get from Country Max) and used a bamboo stake to hold it together. I then put two more stakes through it and pushed those into the ground.

I started with a layer of straw and then added soil and seed potatoes. I used 12 seed potatoes each for two towers, and then potatoes that started to grow from the grocery store in the third.

Washington helped.

Seed potatoes, $.59/lb = $1.92
Straw = $5
Bamboo stakes = $3.99
Rabbit fence = $19.99
1.5 bags of top soil (2 for cost purposes) = $6.98
Total cost = $37.88

Let's see how many potatoes I get!

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