Thursday, October 27, 2016

Repainting the Sitting Room

There's a room you walk through to get to the master bedroom, we've called it the sitting room. I have no idea if it's accurate, but it's what we call it. Several years ago we pulled off the wallpaper and painted it a happy, natural green. Then I painted the floors purple. Because why not? Well, our realtor said those colors had to go.

You can see the green color here, but it's not a good shot of it.

Touch ups of the blue to hide the green

I used the same aqua green for the trim as we did in the bedroom to keep the theme

We painted the ceiling in here, too. It didn't need it, but it did help to brighten up the space.

I painted the doors, also using the same paint from the bedroom.

The floor became "iron ore", instead of purple

And then I organized my crafts all nice and neat!

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