Friday, October 28, 2016

Finishing the Foyer

Once all of the wallpaper was down, all of the patching and sanding was complete, we painted the walls, the trim, and then sanded and finished the floor.

 We used the same off-white for the walls as the rest of the first floor, and used Killz white for the ceiling.

We had a bright blue for the trim, which we also used throughout the first floor anytime we needed to paint the trim.

We rented a sander from Home Depot, for $50 and sanded several floors at the same time.

 Unfortunately, these floors are pine, which makes them really soft and easy to damage. 100 years of damage isn't going to be fixed by the light sanding we were doing, but we took off as much of the surface damage as possible.

This was my first time ever putting down polyurethane on a floor. We bought some with a lot of shine, to keep the light bouncing around. Here you can see what the poly looks like against the sanded floor.

Here's the floor all sanded, with freshly dried poly down. There were some spots that needed to have several coatings, but it turned out beautiful in the end.

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