Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Crafts for 2014

We're running a little lean when it comes to money, so many of my Christmas gifts were handmade. For my parents and sister, I made a bunch of things and packed them in mason jars, I also made a mug cake mix for my sister. I made some buttermints, white chocolate peppermint bark, dark chocolate peppermint bark, chocolate covered pretzels, and white chocolate covered pretzels. I also made some white chocolate chex mix, which involved no actual chocolate (for a post on a later date).

I made some comic book coasters for my husband. My dad found a bunch of comics for free and I picked up six tiles at an estate sale.

The tiles are about 4 1/4". I removed the staples from the comics and then cut down the images I wanted to about 6" squares. I then used some Mod Podge to adhere the comics to the tiles, folded each edge (like wrapping a gift) and glued the edges to the back of the tiles.

I sealed them using the Mod Podge, too.

The bottoms of the tile have 4" squares of felt hot glued to keep them from scratching a table.

Throw Pillows

I made my sister some new throw pillows. Actually, I lied. I didn't make the pillows, I bought two perfectly good pillows from the Ronald McDonald House Sale and wrapped them in a new covering.

First, I embroidered a giraffe (her favorite animal) on each sheet and then wrapped them. This is pretty easy and involves no sewing, so good for anyone!

Infinity Scarves & Hand Bag

As part of my husband's family gift exchange, I made a bag and some infinity scarves (in grey and white, the blue-ish one was the only one I've photographed) for my husband's cousin's girlfriend (did you follow that?). I also made a fabric infinity scarf with a black, washable, warm fabric that I found in the remnants bin.

She doesn't wear a lot of colors, so I found some fabric in my stash of white, black, and grey for the bag.

Quilt & Bag

Oh, I also finished a quilt that I had started for a Christening back in the Fall, but I killed two sewing machines, so it never got finished in time. 

It turned out to be a great Christmas gift, and I also embroidered a fun owl on the fabric bag I made for it.

For some of the mason jar treats, I melted some bulk dark chocolate in a double boiler and did all sorts of things with it.

I can't eat any of these treats, but I've been told that they are/were delicious. The ones on the bottom are white chocolate peppermint bark dipped in dark chocolate (for my sister's hot cocoa).

And that's most of my treats and crafts that I gave for Christmas! All of the links on here can also be found on my Pinterest boards.

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