Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Foyer Progress

We had a lot of patching to do in the foyer, and scraping, and...just work. Behind the wallpaper we found all sorts of problems.

After taking down all of the wallpaper, we had to wash the walls, especially up near the ceiling where there was a lot of glue left

Wallpaper and the switchplate were hiding all of this damage to the original plaster

This is more damage hidden by the wallpaper. The hole was caused by the door knob. Don't worry, we purchased a door stop.

 We had to take down the framing from around this boxed window. The framing was also hiding a lot of damage that had to be cleaned, filled, and sanded.

More damage around the window and to the original plaster.

Here's one example of a patch that was covering nothing. After washing the remnants of the wallpaper off of the walls, I scraped this patch off to see how bad the damage was. There wasn't any damage.

You can see patch filling many of the holes in this wall, which is the wall to the stairwell. This electrical socket isn't actually live, it was never wired into the rest of the house. We left it there, but have a mirror in front of it now. It appears to have been installed properly, just never connected.

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